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What service should I choose?


  • Child Restraint Installation (Newborn) – This is a must for first time parents or people using a child restraint for the first time. Includes a free safety demonstration.
  • Child Restraint Installation (No safety demonstration) – For those who have used child restraints and do not require a detailed demonstration.
  • Child Restraint Installation x 2 – For the installation of two child restraints in the same vehicle.
  • Child Restraint Installation x 3 – For the installation of three or more child restraints in the same vehicle.
  • Child Restraint Rotation – To rotate the child restraint to the forward facing position. BabySafe will not rotate a child before the age of 12 months.
  • Child Restraint Inspection – To inspect a restraint already installed. Please note, 2 out of 3 restraints are incorrectly installed. If the restraint fails the inspection you will be charged for a full installation and may be asked to reschedule.
  • Capsule Hire – Capsule Hire must be pre-ordered – please CLICK HERE to place your order.
  • Pram Inspection – To have your pram assessed and quoted for repairs required.



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